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Do you long for Pork that has real flavour and taste, that melts in your mouth, that is succulent and juicy when cooked? We offer prime pasture pork cuts for sale to the general public and the trade at the following locations. If you have any questions about our operation or our stock, please read on.

Pork of Yore is on a farm located in the Ottawa Valley, about 100 kilometres west of Ottawa. The farm is one of the oldest built by Scottish Immigrants who settled here in the 1850’s. The small community became known as ‘The Scotch Bush’. We purchased this farm from an elderly couple who really hadn’t done much farming in the recent past. A good portion of the farm was overgrown with scrub trees and juniper bushes. The result of this is an organic, pristine environment with spring fed, cold, clean, plentiful water and land that is virtually chemical free.

A pristine environment with spring fed, cold, clean, plentiful water and land that is virtually chemical free.

We wondered what would be a good fit for our farm. Our wish was to find something that would be both ecological and beneficial to the public, the farm and to us. Then we discovered heritage breed pigs and specifically the Tamworth pig. We started with three young registered Tamworth gilts (females) and soon added a young Berkshire boar and some Large English Blacks. We are searching out new Tamworth bloodlines and hope to expand into raising registered Tamworth pigs.

Our pigs are grass fed, free range, at liberty to exercise at will and root or just lay about soaking up the sunshine and natural Vitamin D. They are rotated through the pastures to keep them and the land they graze on healthy and in good condition. The grazing and rooting of the pigs serves to refresh the land rather than drain it of nutrients. They have small arks and big piles of straw for protection from the elements. The sows farrow naturally. We do not clip teeth or tails. We feed our rare breeds hay along with our own mix of wheat, barley, corn and soy supplements. We do not use artificial growth stimulants, animal by-products or chemical additives. The result is healthy, safe, succulent and delicious pork.

Pasture production is not an aberration, but a historical norm. It is the first way and the only proven and lasting way to best serve and protect the land, the animals, and those people who eat pork.