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Pasture Raised

Pasture production is not an aberration, but a historical norm. It is the first way and the only proven and lasting way to best serve and protect the land, the animals, and those people who eat pork.

Our pasture-raised hogs are fed on chemical-free pastures and hay along with whole grains and soy supplement. They are given no chemical additives, no animal by-products, no artificial growth stimulants (steriods)

Our Pigs are kept outside in large paddocks of at least 2.5 acres each, and are rotated in these pastures. They have large mobile houses that they are able to cool down in, stay warm, and farrow their young in.

As a buyer, concerned with health, you can count on chemical-free meat rich in natural vitamins and minerals. Our heritage breed pigs are raised on pasture, and get lots of exercise and sunshine (Vitamin D) in a natural environment. They deliver healthy, safe, succulent and delicious pork.

Professional Memberships

Canadian Swine Breeders' Association
Canadian Livestock Records
Ottawa Valley Food Co-operative
Rare Breeds Canada
Canadian Morgan Horse Association